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Hibid service disruption information from October 1, 2021 to October 4, 2021

A service interruption occurred for the Hibid internet update platform. Encans Québec being an independent company of Hibid, being only tenant of their services, we have limited information that we find on their publications. According to our readings, the nature of the interruption was due to a “ransom ware” type internet attack. It is stated that there is no trace of leakage of personal information at this time.
Below is the information that was found in this regard as of October 2, 2021:

Right now, everything seems to have gone in order at Hibid/Auction Flex. The auctions are distributed on a regular basis.
Encans Québec takes the confidentiality of its clients’ information to heart. For clarification, there has been no infiltration or leakage of data from our facilities. The program used for the creation of our auctions and invoicing is internal and all our data is intact. Please be aware that Encans Québec does not disclose personal information of its customers. We do not “sell” a list of customers, nor do we make them available in any way. If necessary, if a third party asks to contact an Encans Québec client, we always ask for your authorization in the first place.
About the Hibid service interruption event, we are awaiting additional information. We encourage you to contact Hibid Customer Service for more specific information.
Thank you for your understanding.