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Gestion des acquis

We offer estates sale services and other sales by auction, as well as buying and selling jewelry and other chosen pieces.


Do you need to sell the contents of an estate?

Do you have to liquidate your business fast?estate sale

Are you moving to a smaller space? Downsizing? New follower of voluntary simplicity?

You own antiques, paintings, fine art, jewelry or other collectibles that you are interested in selling?

Do you have so many items that you do not even know where to put them? You pay a storage unit unnecessarily?

You do not see the end of all the work that must be done?


Earn extra income, get rid of clutter and reduce future storage expenses or transportation cost!


Your consultation is confidential and free. We will evaluate on site to determine the best options available.

We will organize and highlight all items to be sold on site. We use all available tables, shelves and other similar objects for display purposes. If necessary, we will provide extra equipment.
We will evaluate all items to be sold and will discuss pricing details with you.

We will organize appropriate publicity in various media, including our website, prior to the date of the sale. The day of the sale we put up street posters and signs to direct people.

We will proceed with the sale in a professional and efficient manner with two main objectives in mind:
– Sell a maximum articles to maximize your profits.
– Have a one-time sale without stress or missteps.

We will be happy to dispose of any unsold item to local charities or recycling center. Nothing that is still good and useful is lost!
We offer a wide range of services to facilitate all your moving needs including a clean-up option.

Please contact us for consultation.


We will empty houses, apartments, garages, sheds, barns, warehouses, offices for an excellent rate (cheaper than “Got Junk“) in coordination with an estate sale, bankruptcy, etc.
We offer free removal of scrap metal and other recyclable metals.

Please contact us for an appointment.


You have jewelry that you no longer wear? Earing orphan? Broken chains? Old coins? We buy gold and silver jewelry (broken or not), coins, silver (sterling), gold watches broken or not.
You’re not sure of the value of an object?
Make an appointment for an evaluation!
Have you been looking for a particular object for a long time without finding it? Or simply do not have the time to look for it? We can help you locate hard to find items. In fact, almost anything.

Contact us for more details.


Any communication or transaction information with Quebec Auctions remains strictly confidential between us and the concerned. We will not disclose sales information or communications between us to third parties, except with your consent or by force of law.