First steps for ONLINE Auction bidding

Here are simple steps for your first online auction with us:

    1. Enter the secure link at “OUR ONLINE AUCTIONS.
    2. You can explore lots, but if you want to bid, you must susbcribe.
      Click on “Login / New Bidder” at the top of the page.
      STEP 1
    3. On the first visit, you will click on “Click Here If You Are A New Bidder”.
      STEP 2
    4. Then you must enter your valid email to continue registration.
      STEP 3
    5. Now a window has opened and you must enter your information. You can see at the bottom of the window that you have choices to select according to your preference.
      STEP 5
    6. Click “Create New Account” and there it is, YOU’RE SUSBCRIBED!

These steps are generally the only ones that are required. It is still possible that more elaborate identification is required for in high value auction or absentee bidding for a live auction. In such a case, you must provide a number of valid credit card to enable your registration. Know that this is a secure site.

For more information or other questions, please contact us!