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What is an online auction?
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Shop easily from where you choose! We now offer you the opportunity to make your  bids via the internet. Whether for a virtual auction only or for absentee bidding for an actual auction, you can now place your  bids during the period granted for Internet bidding.

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What is an online auction?

Our online auctions which registration and bidding is done through our secure website. See below the 2 types of online auctions offered.

All our future auctions are on HOMEPAGE and UPCOMING EVENTS (on the right sidebar).

The duration of the online auction to allow you to view and bid on each lot is variable and is always mentioned in the information related to each of the online auctions. The closing time is the moment when the highest bidder will become the winner of the closing lot.

The majority of the time the closure will be a soft close, this means that each bid placed during the closing time will add an additional 2 minutes (in most cases) to the final closure. Be alert! If several bidders compete with each other at the time of closing, the lot can be won several minutes later then the scheduled closing time (until bidding stops). This way of completing online auctions is more like a traditional auctioneer will do at a live auction since he will take all bids until he reaches highest bidder! This also prevents programs to  bid (snipe) on lots at the last second.

The bids online follow the set increments. This means that it will not be possible to place a bid of an amount not corresponding to the next available increment. For example, if the predetermined increment is 1$ between the amount of 1$ to 10$, you can not place a bid of 3.01$ over the bidder who bid 3$, the program will suggest you to  bid 4$ . The increments list is available for each of the online auctions in the auction details section.

If you are not able to attend the closing of the online auction, you can easily enter your maximum bid while placing a bid. This way, the program related to our secure website will bid for you until you reach your maximum bid. So you can win the lot for less than your maximum  bid since the program will bid for you the minimum increment for you to win ( this approach is similar to the eBay auction site).

There will be specific times for the inspection of the lots so you can come in person to visit and inspect lots for sale on site. The location for inspection and pick up, the conditions of the sale, the times for inspection of taking possession, the payment type and other information will be specified on each of the online auctions in the auction detail section.

Payment is made at the time of pick up (on site), even if you registered using a credit card.

Be sure to be available on the allowed day for pick up. Please arrive on time to take possession of your items and plan adequate packing supplies and additional help if needed to carry items. We do not keep items past the pick-up dates and do not do delivery. Failure to pick up items on allowed date can bring on additional fees and charges which are clearly detailed in the terms and conditions of the auction.

Two types of online auctions:

Online Auction ONLY3941048713_1acf5ee1eb

This type of auction is exclusively online. No direct sales (traditional auction) will follow in a hall or yard. If you have the highest bid at closing, you won!!!

Online ABSENTEE bidding

This type of online bidding is for customers who cannot make it on site on the sale the day of the live auction. Bids taken online will be used to bid in your name during the live auction. If you have the highest bid at the time of closing, it does not mean you have won the lot , it’s your maximum  bid that will be your voice during the corresponding live auction. You will know at the end of the live auction if you have won or not the lots you have placed bids on.

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