Traditional auction (live)



What is a traditional auction?;

An auction is a form of public sale of selling to the highest bidder. The traditional auction is usually done in a room, or even outdoors. An auctioneer performs the sale by lot and takes offers (bids) in increasing increments until the highest bid is obtained from the buyers who are physically on site or from those who have placed absentee bids online or by phone (see the online auction section). Outbidding is when an interested buyer makes a higher bid than the previous bidder, his bid then becomes the bid to beat. If nobody outbids it again, he has won the lot.

Note that auction fees of 10% are almost always applicable and sale taxes are applicable, unless otherwise specified (a 100$ bid will have a final bill around 126,50$).

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How does a traditional auction works?;

Customers must first register for the auction and obtain their bid number. It is with this number that they will bid during the auction. Usually, only the name, address and telephone number with supporting identification is sufficient. This information is not shared with anyone without your consent; and is only used to make sure that we have serious clients that are liable to the terms and conditions of the sale and to contact the bidder if needed. Deposits may be required for certain auctions.

A determined time is allocated to allow all bidders to view and inspect all items for sale. Often this inspection time is an hour or two before the beginning of the auction.

It’s time to bid!
Auctions are held as follows; we proceed in the numerical order of the lots (from lot # 1 to the last lot number). Usually photographs of the lots for sale are projected on a screen. When the lot  is won, the auctioneer declares it sold and passes to the next lot. The data is recorded and compiled. This approach usually provides better comfort for our buyers but we can also adapt our auction method to various situations.

Payment and pick up
When a bidder wins a lot, he is responsible for his bids (if he wins a lot, he must pay for it and take possession of it). When the customer has finished bidding for the auction taking place, he can proceed to the payment counter.
Types of payment accepted (unless stated otherwise) are cash, debit and credit (Visa and MasterCard, only up to a maximum of $ 100).
After the payment, the buyer can then take possession of his lots with his paid receipt in hand. All lots won will be listed on the receipt to avoid any confusion. In addition to collection directly after the auction, another pick up day is often allowed to take possession of the lots to help clients organize transportation and such.

The bidder must be available to pick up items won during the period provided for this purpose. Please arrive on time to purchase your items, plan supplies and to obtain adequate additional help if needed. We are not able to keep items after the designated time and the pick-up date and do not do delivery. Failure to pick up items on the allowed date(s) can cause additional fees and charges which are clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the auction.

Usual Terms and Conditions (unless otherwise noted)

  1. The auctioneer declares that he is an agent for others and can in no way be considered an expert on the lots for sale, but as a professional auctioneer to conduct the auction.
  2. By bidding, the buyer acknowledges to be satisfied with the information received on the spot or website and The purchaser acknowledges that there is possible defects, it accepts the peculiarities of the "sale by auction ", where items are used, it is in fully satisfied and buys at his own risk and there are no guarantees. The buyer acknowledges that he asked all the questions deemed necessary to the auctioneer in relation to procedures for the sale and especially for coveted items and declares that all is clear, unambiguous and is fully satisfied.
  3. The buyer acknowledges that there has been no negotiating of the price beforehand, the price offered is given freely and to his satisfaction.
  4. Buyer acknowledges having examined himself coveted items and / or have it examined by another expert to his satisfaction and accepts all seen and unseen flaws and will bid accordingly with full knowledge of cause.
  5. Buyer acknowledges that all terms and conditions of the sale as an integral part of the sales contract and exempts constituents and the auctioneer and waives all claims.
  6. Terms of payment : cash or other if specified.
  7. The auction fee is 10%.
  8. Once a lot is sold, the buyer is solely responsible.
  9. Any bid is considered legal and binding : none can be canceled due to bad description, condition, defect, application or use in any manner whatsoever or for any other reasons.
  10. The auctioneer reserves the right to put a reserve price on any lot. Principals reserve the right to bid or put a reserve price on their items.
  11. The auctioneer may withdraw, omit or add any lot for sale.
  12. If there is a misunderstanding, the auctioneer may call immediately for the resale of any lot subject of misunderstanding, the buyer relies on the final decision of the auctioneer.
  13. Neither the auctioneer, nor the constituents are responsible for any errors or omissions in the description, it is to be used only a guide. The buyer relies on his knowledge, his review of coveted items and judgment.
  14. All descriptions about the condition, good working order, or the year of manufacture of each item or lot is in no way a real or implied warranty, merchandise is being sold lot by lot as seen on-site and at the risk of the buyer, unless otherwise specified.
  15. No claims can be made after the auction of a lot. Handling, loading, transportation, reconditioning, use, disposition, possession of any other use become the sole responsibility of the buyer from the auction.
  16. No buyer can take only part of lots purchased, all items purchased are considered a single purchase "block" and all deposits are applicable in a "block" for the whole "block" purchases and not on a particular lot.
  17. The buyer must take possession of his property at his own expense, risks and responsibilities (1) business day following the auction.
  18. Any deposit will be retained or seized by the auctioneer if the balance due on all purchases is not paid within one (1) business day following the sale. If the buyer at the same time, refuses to take possession of all of his purchases, declining by the fact all ownership, the auctioneer will retain the full right of ownership. The auctioneer may at its discretion, secure, store, dispose of or resell the property without notice to the purchaser and if the net proceeds of the resale price is lower than the originally offered by the contractor, the latter shall be liable and on request, pay any deficit incurred without protest, plus interest, costs and damages under the provisions of Article 1765 of the Civil Code of Quebec.
  19. Should we be unable to deliver any lot due to fire, theft, links, attachments, mortgages, deeds of trust or any other reason resulting from this fortuitous event, the deposit given by the buyer will be refunded, and this, without liability or other claim against the auctioneer or constituents.
  20. The auctioneer may refuse to issue a buyer - bidder number to any person or cancel it at any time.
  21. The purchaser, by mistake or accident, that causes damage to his own property or those of other parties, as well as buildings, land or other dependencies, is responsible.
  22. Sales prices are recorded for future reference.
  23. The auctioneer makes no warranty under the Act on Consumer Protection and the buyer agrees freely.
  24. The buyer waives the legal warranty against hidden defects, and more specifically the provisions of Articles 1726 and following of the Civil Code of Quebec.
  25. Without limiting the foregoing terms and conditions, the auctioneer reserves all other remedies allowed by law.