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Online auction

Definition and process


Shop from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere! We now offer you the possibility to make your bets online. Whether for a virtual auction only or for a real auction, you will now be able to place your bets during the allotted period for Internet bets.

Our online auctions are auctions whose registration and bets are made through our secure website.

More information

There will be a time scheduled for theexhibition of the lots. You can therefore come in person at your discretion to visit the lots for sale on site to make your own inspection. The location, conditions, time of exhibition, time of taking possession, type of payment and several other information will be specified on each of the online auctions.

Payment is made at the time you pick up the items won (on site) even if you have registered using a credit card.

Be sure to be available to pick up the prizes won during the day or days provided for this purpose (displayed for each of the online auctions). Please arrive on time to acquire your items and plan supplies and adequate additional assistance if needed. We are not able to keep items after the scheduled pickup time and date. Failure to acquire the items during the defined period will expose yourself to additional costs and charges.