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Sellers FAQ

How do I sell my items?

Show up on site and make a request! All sellers must sign a consignment contract.

Cost and commission:

$ 3 per lot

25% commission on the sale (may vary depending on the estimated value of items put on consignment)

All prices and percentages here are indicative and may change depending on the situation.

A unique vendor code will be assigned to you and will identify your lockers.

Outline of the contract:

You declare that you have the right to consign the goods, that they are your exclusive property and that they are free from any debt.
You remain the owner of the consignment items until the sale is concluded, ie payment and collection by the buyer.
Indication of fees and commissions

A reserve (minimum selling price required by the seller) may be requested. If the lot does not sell, a fixed unreached reserve fee of $ 10 per lot is charged.

It is not possible for us to insure items belonging to a third party (consignment), so if an item has substantial value, it is wise to notify your own insurance companies. (No responsibility in case of loss, breakage, theft)

Lots deposited for an auction cannot be withdrawn at a later date.

If lots are not sold, you have 10 working days (2 weeks) to collect them if you wish. After this deadline, the lots are considered abandoned.

False Declaration Clause: A penalty proportional to the commission and auction fees is required when the seller makes a false declaration on an item on consignment (example: declared to be functional, but is not.) Cancellation of the sale of this lot.

Inventory sheet
What items are we looking for? (non-exhaustive list)

Collection items:

Old advertisements of all kinds including enameled porcelain, metal, cardboard and paper signs, beer cabaret, tobacco canes.
Garage items including gas pump, air pump, promotional item, old license plate.
Old movie or event posters
Old toys of all kinds. Ball machine, mechanical and electronic table games. Vintage robots, retro tricycle, pedal car, globe, school card.
Nintendo games and other vintage consoles. Any vintage electronic game
Pre 1990 Sports Cards, Signed Sports Item, Pre 1990 Comics, Magic Card, Pokémon Card,
1960 and older sporting goods.
Old film cameras Karl Zeiss, Canon, Nikon, Polaroid ..
Old cash register, old safe, cream separator, gum / peanut dispenser

Military objects:

Helmet, sword, sabers, bayonet, uniform, dagger, ammunition box, accessories.

Inuit / Native American objects:

Art, Signed sculpture of soapstone, serpentine, bone, horn.
Totem, drum, pipe, blanket, saddlebags, quiver and arrow, etc.

Clothes and accessories :

Authentic designer including: Chanel, Burberry, Versace, Gucci, Prada, DSquared2, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dior, Cardin etc.
Fur coats, quality leather coats, perfecto and vintage motorcycle jacket (Brimaco, Norten).
Vintage Levis redline or Hudson's Bay style collectibles.
Uniforms or old costumes.
Branded wool blankets.
Jewelry: gold and silver, signed, old, modernist / brutalist, cameos ...


Signed sculptures, signed porcelain, signed statue, signed work of art, folk art, naive art, signed vase, Murano vase, signed blown glass, signed crystal ...
Vase, container and lettered bottle in antique sandstone, antique collector's bottle ...
Antique furniture sought after including notary's bookcase, mirror cabinet, pine cabinet, medicine cabinet, sideboard, bookcase, shelf, chest of drawers, chest of drawers, sofa, wooden chest, trunk, bedroom set, coat rack, china cabinet, set dining room table, chair, armchair, desks, secretaries, barber chairs, furniture and trade accessories (approval of furniture by photos before consignment).
Persian carpet. Chandelier, wall lights. Display and curio. Grandfather clock. Dovecote.
Any item over 100 years old in good condition.

Books and documents:

Old books (80 years and over), first edition by well-known authors, books signed by the author, collections of books by well-known authors, old documents (Cards, treaties, contracts, titles, letters, certificates, etc.)
Expo 67, Olympique 76, book on antiques and collectibles, rare books, counter-cultural books (sex, drugs, rock and roll), banned books (Anarchist Cookbook, etc.)
European and collectible comics. (Tintin, Asterix, Mobius, Gotlib).
Jehane Benoit cookbook.

Furniture :

Design, MidCentury, Danish, Scandinavian, Finnish, collectible, unique, handcrafted, vintage, solid wood.
Industrial furniture including display, lighting and trolleys.
Theme bar furniture including Tiki.
Promotional furniture.

(Approval of furniture by photos before consignment)

Various :

Precious metals in ingots or coins,
Canadian pre 1968 and American silver or gold coins pre 1964 (10c, 25c, 50c, $ 1, $ 5, $ 20)
Olympic coins
Medals of all kinds.
Fountain pen (silver or gold nib or signed) and vintage.

What items are accepted?

First, it must be legal to sell the item. Some are subject to regulation:

Tobacco products,
Alcohol (see our section Sale of alcohol)
Some taxidermy,
Certain safety items (used harness, used child seat, etc.) and other items.

We accept lots that we believe it is reasonable to believe will sell for $ 20. Check out our list.

Items must be acceptably clean and functional where applicable.

It stands to reason that seasonal items will be more popular in season.

For large items, please contact us to validate that we can accept them. This may vary depending on the traffic.

Don't necessarily rely on the lots you see online to know if we'll accept them! Several situations can lead to the sale of items that are not usually accepted (complete move, test to see results, higher commission items, etc.)

The person responsible for accepting lots can refuse a lot at any time.

What are the items that are not accepted? (Non-exhaustive list)

Personal hygiene (used items):

Razor, epilator, helmet style hair dryer, electric toothbrush ...

House :

Incomplete crockery or glassware set
Chair only damaged
Low resale value books


Unsigned vases or ceramics
Low value trinkets
Uninteresting printed reproductions
Laminated posters


Unbranded clothing
Non-branded shoes


Skiing (except less than three years old or antiques)
Golf clubs (except recent (less than 3 years old) or antique)
Any non-antique sporting goods, out of season
Bowling balls (big and small)

Various :

Imitation and counterfeiting
Baby bench
Plush stuffed animals and dolls (100+ dolls only) and children's toys with low resale value.
Certain taxidermies; Ivory without certificate
VHS that are not collectable

Sale of alcohol

Encans Québec allows the auction of all types of bottles of wine and spirits sealed in accordance with the approval obtained from the SAQ.

Bottles must have a legible label to identify the name of the alcohol, the source and the alcohol content.

How will my lots be presented and how often?

The articles are divided into 4 categories according to their dimensions. They are then sent to the photographers in each section. We prioritize the order of arrival as much as possible for each category.

The mandate of photographers is to serve the eye of the buyer. He will therefore take an image of the whole lot with different viewing angles, take the details that influence the value of the object (both positive and negative) and take a photo of the customer's note if necessary. Photographers will not clean the object. We do not carry out any testing, only a very abbreviated inspection of the object will be carried out. It is also the photographer who creates the lot by associating it with the right seller from the seller code labeled on the lot.

The lots are sent to their place of exhibition according to the dimensional category.

The auction is open for 1 week (with some exceptions) and bidders can inspect the lots during this period. An online catalog allows you to see each of the lots with images and short description. For regular auctions, bets are only recorded online.

Sellers will not receive a warning at the time of listing.

Once the auction is closed, buyers take possession of their lot and then sellers receive payment.

What is the procedure for depositing items on consignment?

Prepare your articles:
They must be clean, in acceptable condition (functionality and quality), divided into lots with an auction value of at least $ 20.
All relevant information must be noted and appended directly with the lot (example; functionality, year, relevant provenance, style, designer or artist sought, condition, complete or partial collection, etc.)

Quantity of items:
For drop-off items during business hours, come on-site with less than 20 lots, prepared, with a completed paper consignment list.
For more than 20 lots, it is preferable to contact us to check our availability, otherwise, it is possible that the lot deposit is interspersed with other consignors in increments of 20 lots (this is to avoid an extended waiting time for other sellers).

Reserve :
A reserve is the minimum price demanded by the seller. A reserve fee is only required if the lot is not sold ($ 10). If a reserve is required ($ 10 fee if not sold), it must be requested verbally from the consignment manager in addition to being entered directly on the lot and on the consignment list.

Prepare your consignment list (inventory):
Enter legibly the items deposited on consignment in the form of a paper list (a template is available if necessary). Remember, if a reserve is requested, it must be verbalized, entered on the lot and on the consignment list. Also, this inventory is not used for the description of items, it is only proof of the items deposited. For any important information to be entered in the description of a lot must be affixed directly with the item to be sold.

Where to drop off the items:
Items are received by the front garage at our warehouse (link to the contact page with location info).

In cold weather, you will be asked to collect all the items to be left in front of the door and ring the bell when everything is ready to avoid keeping the garage door open for an extended period. There may already be vendors inside and you may need to wait.

Is there a warranty on items placed on consignment?

We offer an internet auction service. However, we do not claim to be experts on the items we receive.

Description of items:
We provide a short description as a guide to facilitate the customer experience, but it is not a guarantee. Therefore, vendor notes may be required as appropriate. On the other hand, we do not take responsibility for the seller's statement. In the event of a misrepresentation by the seller, it is possible that an exceptional refund will be granted to the buyer and a penalty may be issued to the offending seller.

It is not possible for us to insure items belonging to a third party (consignment), so if an item has substantial value, it is wise to notify your own insurance companies. Since we cannot provide consignments, we assume no responsibility for loss, theft or damage to property left on consignment at our business before, during or after the sale. In fact, we wish the happiness of our sellers and find an arrangement in these cases, but the clause is present to avoid abuse.

Selling prices are obviously not guaranteed since this is a sale to the highest bidder. The number of participants in the sale varies. You can ask for a minimum sale price that constitutes a reserve (a fee is only charged if the lot is not sold).

What happens once my lots are sold?

When an auction is over, the results are compiled the next business day. Buyers receive their invoices and sellers receive a preliminary sales report (since the sale is closed after the buyer's invoice is paid). It is on this report that the results of the sale and the unsold lots appear.

The seller interested in recovering the unsold lots can therefore do so for 10 working days following the auction. After this period, the unsold lots are declared abandoned and will be disposed of.

The sales report has a CO (Consigment Order) number which you will find at the top right. This CO number is often used in our communications with sellers.

Each report is divided into 4 parts:

Detailed results (sale price),
Details of expenses and payments (date of application, description, amount)
Lots not sold (if applicable)
Cumulative summary

Detailed results section:

It contains the auction number, the lot number and the lot title. To the right is the sale amount. If there is an asterisk after a sale price, it means that it is awaiting payment by the buyer (the sale is not finalized).

Detailed section of expenses and payments:

If one or more payments have been made, the date and method of payment will be entered in the detailed section of expenses and payments (following the list of lots sold).

The unsold lots are identified at the end of the list (if applicable) and are kept for 2 weeks following the auction.

When and how will the sales money be paid to me?

The deposit payment is generally made every 2 weeks (excluding closing days such as summer vacations and those around the holiday season).

All lots paid by buyers are paid to sellers. If ever a lot is not paid for by the buyer, it will be relisted in a subsequent sale.

If a sell report is negative (for example; a single lot not selling, there will be an insertion fee of $ 2 which will therefore not be deducted from the sale), a note in the detail section of the report. sale will indicate manual adjustment. The amount will be withdrawn from another sale with the entry of the why (ex: insertion of an unsold item).

There are 2 payment options:

Direct deposit: delay of 2 to 3 working days for access to funds. The payment is then made directly into your bank account if you have provided us with the necessary information (specimen check)
Internal deposit: a deposit is made in your name on site as a refundable credit on request (amount of less than $ 10 or no banking information). To receive an internal cash deposit, request it 48 business hours in advance. This payment method is chosen by default if no banking information has been provided.