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Buyer FAQ

Are there several types of auctions?
Yes. There are two types of auctions:

Traditional or auctioned auctions
Online auctions

More and more, there are hybrid auctions. Auctions are done physically and interested parties can either be on site or online to bid. Certain conditions apply.
What is an online auction?
An online auction is an auction of different lots whose bids are made through a virtual platform.

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What is a live or traditional auction?
This is an auction of objects that takes place in a physical location. People interested in betting must follow certain rules.

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Where and how do I register to bid online?
To participate in our online auctions, you must create an account on the HIBID platform.

You will be asked for the following information:

Last name and first name
Phone number
Visa or Mastercard credit card number (the card must belong to you)

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Why do I have the same bidder account with another auctioneer?
Your HIBID account gives you access to all auctioneers registered on this platform.

HIBID is a leader in the field of online auctions, more than 5000 inserters present their sales there.

You should therefore consult the terms and conditions of sale as well as the terms of payment and pickup which vary by auction house.
Why do we have to register for each auction?
The majority of our auctions have the same terms and conditions of purchase, but they may differ from auction to auction. Also, if this is a "special" auction (outdoor, auction, other), specificities may apply and it is always important to take them into account and accept them in order to participate in each auction.
Are there any additional costs to my bet?
Yes. Auction fees are normally 15% to the purchaser plus applicable taxes. So for a bet won at $ 100, the final invoice, including auction fees and taxes, will be approximately $130.
Is there a guarantee on the items submitted for auction?
No warranty on any batch. The vast majority of items are used and are not inspected by the auction house. The descriptions provided are indicative and issued in good faith to facilitate the sale but do not constitute any warranty.

Please note that a bet is final. If you register a bet it cannot be withdrawn and if you win the prize you cannot decline the prize. So bet responsibly.

However, the items are available for inspection. Unless otherwise specified for special auctions, you can come and see the lots on site and examine them for yourself. If a small detail requires more attention, then you will be able to bet knowingly. If you cannot come before entering a bet, but want to ensure lot information that is not in the pictures or description, contact us by phone or email. If time permits, we will obviously be happy to inform you to the best of our knowledge. It is very important to understand that if you are missing information that you feel is crucial, but you do not have time to inspect the lot, bet accordingly the risk you are willing to take since the registered bet cannot. not be withdrawn and the lot cannot be refused.

If the words "functional" are entered in a lot, the seller declares that the item is functional. If this mention is not registered, the functionality is therefore uncertain. In the event that the item is stated to be functional, but not, you may be eligible for a refund.
How often are there online auctions?
Encans Québec organizes auctions three times a week that last an average of 7 days:

Auction that starts on Sunday ends the following Sunday
Auction that starts on Tuesday ends the following Tuesday
Auction that starts on Thursday ends on the following Thursday

We regularly organize special auctions which vary in length.

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