November 2014; Auction in Quebec


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AUCTION in Gaspésie, november 9Sans titre


Antiques, art and jewelery. In 5500, Paré st., Montreal
Sunday, November 9: 1:00 p.m.
Monday, November 10: 19:00
Tuesday, November 11: 19:00
Wednesday, November 12: 19:00
Exhibition: November 8 from 10h to 17h and Sunday, November 9 from 10h to 17h

Encan (auction) (Georges Duhamel)
New merchandise. At 861, Sainte-Rose Blvd, Laval.
Saturday, November 15: 19:00.

Encan (auction) à Commission
Every Wednesdays: 19h00. At 138, Laurier Est, Victoriaville

Encan(auction) à Rougemont
Every Mondays: 18h00. At 425 Grande Caroline, Rougemont

Encan(auction) Atomic
Every Wednesdays: 19h00. At 295 Main, Hawkesbury, ON *
Every Thursdays: 18h00. At 1736 blvd. Maloney East, Gatineau
Saturday November 29: 10h00. At 457 St-Patrice st., Sherrington (Napirville)

Encan (auction) Ouellette
Machinery, vehicles and other
Saturday November 1: 10h00, exhibition from 8ham. At 2062 rg petit St-Esprit, Nicolet.
Saturday November 8: 9h00, exhibition Nov. 7 from 10ham. At 900 rue Marchand, Lévis

Encan(auction) Rogers (Iberville)
Every Thursdays: 19h00. At the salle des Chevaliers de Colomb, 6th ave, Iberville.

Encan (auction) St-Célestin
General. At 1095, 161 rd, St-Célestin.
Every Wednesdays: 19h00
Every Sundays: 12h30

Encan(auction) Ste-Anne
New merchandise
Every Fridays: 19h00. At 223 Ste-Anne blvd., Ste-Anne-Des-Plaines

Encan Transit Auction
Storage unit, style “storage wars”
Saturday November 8: 10h30. At 2320 blvd Industriel, Chambly
Saturday November 15: 10h30. At 100 chemin du Tremblay, Boucherville
Sunday November 16: 10h30. At 455, ave Marien, Montreal
Saturday November 22: 10h30. At 24, carré Sicard, Ste-Therese
Saturday November 29: 10h30. At 195, Brissette, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts

Encans(auctions) Gélineau & Fils Inc.
Antiques. At 7900, Laframboise blvd., St-Hyacinthe
Sunday, November 2: 10:00am
Wednesday, November 5: 1h00 pm
Saturday November 15: 10h00am
Wednesday, November 19: 1hpm
Exhibition from Monday to Friday from 9h to 17h and Saturday from 11 to 15 o’clock and 1 Sunday at 9h.

Encans(auctions) M.G.
General, tools. At 4660, Montée Gagnon, Terrebonne
Saturday, November 8: 10h00am
Saturday, November 22: 10h00am

Art. At 1840, Sherbrooke West Street, Montreal
Saturday, November 13: 11h00am

Antiques, art and jewelery, Canadian Art. At 872 St. du Couvent, Montreal
Tuesday,November 4: 7h30pm, exhibition from Oct. 31 to the day of the auction from 12hpm to 5hpm
Saturday, November 8: 10h00am, exhibition from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 from 12hpm to 5hpm, Nov. 7 from 10ham to 5hpm, Nov. 8 from 8ham to 10ham

La maison des encans de Montréal
General, antiques
Every Wednesdays: 19h00, exhibition from 17h. At 4487 Ste-Catherine East, Montreal

Les Encans Boulet
Agriculture. (Except the auction of animals only)
Thurday, November 20: 10h00am. At 133 rg St-Charles, Ste-SabineLes Encheres(the auctions) A/B Alain & Gaston Brousseau
General. At 333 Windsor rd, Bromptonville
Thursday, November 6: 6h00pm
Thursday, November 13: 6h00pm
Saturday, November 15: 9h30am
Thursday, November 20: 6h00pm
Thursday, November 27: 6h00pm

Les Enchères (the auctions) Automobiles de Laval
Automobile; open to the public
Saturday, November 1: 9h30 am, exhibition Friday from 12hpm to 8hpm. At 2380 Montée Masson, Laval

Marché aux puces(flea market) St-Sacrement
General, new and used.
Every Monday and Thursdays: 19:00. At 176 Saint-Sacrement ave, Québec.

MTM International
Saturday, November 1: 12h00pm, exhibition Oct. 31 from 10ham to 21hpm. At 1950, Ste-Catherine East, Montreal

Québec-Centre de service partagés
Disposition of property Quebec. Auction and bidding of provincial surplus to Montreal and Quebec City.
Saturday, November 29: 10h00am, exhibition Nov. 28. At 11100 blvd. du Golf, Montreal (Talbot auctioneer)

Talbot encanteur Inc. (Auctioneer)
Wednesday, November 26: 9:30, exhibition Nov.25 from 9h to 16h. At 725, Rossiter, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu
Saturday, November 29: 10h00am, exhibition Nov. 28. At 11100 blvd. du Golf, Montreal  (Quebec Centre shared service)

Ville de Granby
Saturday, November 8: 9h00am. At 529, rue Édouard, Granby



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